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2024/25 After School 

Welcome to Mr. G's After School Adventure Programs.  The past few years Mr. G has offered after school clubs and various programs focusing on positive social interactions that also promote lifetime fitness.  For the upcoming 24/25 school year, programs will be expanded to 5 days a week.  Care will be provided 2:30-6:00 everyday that school is in session.  Capacity for each day will be 30 students and cost will be $41 a day.  Mr. G will be hiring 4 additional counselors that will help keep our ratios  low.  Additionally, we will follow all update COVID Guidelines.   Some activites might need to change if guidelines change.  
Below is a tentative schedule for the year.  Each activity will last around 6 weeks.  Registration would be for the year and not each 6 week cycle.  Days can be dropped just like any other after school program.  Days can be added if spots become available.     More details about each activity and a FAQ's section are posted under the schedule.  All proceeds will go to fund Snow Motion and other PE programs.  

                                                             Activity Overview
Please Click on links above for more information about each activity.  I included a short description and location.  Before each six week session begins, I'll send out more details about each activity with times, locations, etc

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

After school programing will cost $41 a day.  You will be billed electronically each month based on how many days your child is signed up for.   

How do I sign up?

Complete the Registration.  Link is on the homepage.  You can drop days if needed.  Available spots will go to next person on the waiting list. Once you drop a day, Mr. G can't guarantee that you will get that day back later in the year. 


What are the hours?


Care will be provided from 2:30-6:00.  Some days we will be traveling out of Richmond and be back to RES around 5:30.  However many days we will  be doing activites locally.  You can pick your child up early or you can meet us at wherever we might be. 

Who can attend?


Any child in K-5th grade can attend. 

How far will you travel? 

We will keep our travel time to around 20 minutes.  Williston, Waterbury, Essex, Jericho, Underhill, Huntington, South Burlington will be as far as we will go.  

What happens if it rains

The underlying theme of all our activities is to be outside as much as possible.  We might rearrange our schedule or choose an alternative activity but we will never cancel due to rain.

What days won't there be programs

If there is school, then there will be programs offered.  If it's a holiday, school break, or snow day, then no programs and you won't be billed for those days. 

Does my child need to stay until 6pm?

Program hours are 2:30-6:00 because some families need childcare until 6pm.  However many of our activities will be local and you can pick your child up earlier if needed.


For example, if we are doing Hip Hop at Arabesque in Richmond.  Dance class would end at 4pm.  After that we would do activites near RES or around town.  

Climbing, skiing, swimming, Get Air, Gymnastics, Hiking, Golf, Tennis are probably the activites that we will get back to RES past 5pm

What about food? 

All campers should bring their own afternoon snack and drink.  We recommend packing extra food as kids often get very hungry.  There will be extra food available in case kids run out. 

Will scholarships be available?

Yes there will be scholarships available.  How much depends on how many kids need full or partial assistance.  Please email about scholarships.   

Can students with special needs attend?

Everyone is welcome!  Adaptive equipment, instruction, etc will be provided.  Kids who have a 1-on-1 during the school day may be eligible for additional support.

Is there a waiting list?

Yes!  I imagine this will fill up pretty quickly.  If you don't get in when you register, I'll contact you as soon as a spot opens up. 

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