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Survival Skills Camp


Survival Skills Camp Schedule


Camp Overview

Our Survival Skills camp is about giving campers the opportunity to learn and practice basic survival and wilderness skills.  Camp is open to children 6-14 years old.  During our week long adventures we will be building shelters & boats, practicing archery, fire starting, orienteering, whittling, fishing, hiking, swimming, and exploring nature.  We will travel to many of Vermont's most beautiful and scenic destinations to experience the great outdoors of VT.

Camp is for both novice and experienced outdoor explorers.  We will begin each day practicing various survival skills before heading out for that day's adventure.  

We have a great team of counselors this summer who teach PE at area schools and are looking forward to working with your children.  If you questions, please let us know by emailing

Daily gear checklist:  (Please make sure all gear is labeled with your camper’s name!)

  •  Several mask or face coverings

  •  Water carrying device (a bottle if your camper’s bike has a bottle cage, or a Camelbak)

  •  Lunch and plenty of healthy snacks

  •  Please send some extra layers of clothing, rain gear, and a complete set of dry clothes.   We will ride rain or shine (but not in thunderstorms) and want campers to be equipped for a comfortable day.

  •  Water Shoes if you have them

  •  Bug repellent (for the usual bugs, but importantly for ticks as well)

  •  Sunscreen (Please apply in the morning before drop off and send with your camper for re-application.)

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