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All-Sports Camp

      We are very excited to spend the week with your child at our All Sports Camp.  Camp will be held in Jericho at JES.  Each day we will have a different theme:


  • Monday- World Games

  • Tuesday- Net Sports

  • Wednesday- Invasion Games

  • Thursday- Baseball, Track and Field

  • Friday- Rec Games

Your child will participate in lead up activities that will focus on skills and concepts appropriate for their age and ability level.  We will then use these skills in a variety of games.  Throughout the week we will also focus on sportsmanship and students will participate in a variety of activities and challenges that will help build cooperation, foster perseverance, and develop communication skills.  


The following is a list of items for your child to bring:

  • Lunch & 2 Snacks, Water Bottle

  • Sunscreen

  • Extra set of clothes/socks, sweatshirt

  • Extra set of shoes/sandals

  • Bathing suit or something that can get wet

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